Getting It Right–Creating a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center from Scratch


  • Kip Parker PAWS Wildlife Center



Rehabilitation center, rehabilitation program, planning, business model, wildlife rehabilitation


This article is based on a presentation made in 1998 at the 16th annual National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association Annual Symposium in Seattle, Washington. The original presentation was followed in 2000 with another more detailed presentation and publication (Parker 2000). The reader is urged to read this reference, and other suggested reading, fully, before undertaking the creation or operation of a wildlife rehabilitation center or program.


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Author Biography

Kip Parker, PAWS Wildlife Center

Kip Parker has served as Wildlife Director for PAWS in Lynnwood, Washington, for the past five years. He has helped start three wildlife centers and a provincial and a state network, and currently serves on three board committees for NWRA.


Parker, K. 2000. Creating an Operating Framework for Wildlife Rehabilitation in Wildlife Rehabilitation, (D. Ludwig, ed.). National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association: St. Cloud, MN. 18:163–172.



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