About the Journal

About Wildlife Rehabilitation Bulletin

Wildlife Rehabilitation Bulletin is published by the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association. Founded in 1994, Wildlife Rehabilitation Bulletin (originally named NWRA Quarterly), is a peer-reviewed, online, open-access journal. Wildlife Rehabilitation Bulletin publishes articles on all aspects of wildlife rehabilitation, wildlife veterinary medicine, and original research. Papers are cross-disciplinary, at the intersection of veterinary medicine, wildlife rehabilitation, one-health, wildlife ecology, and conservation.

In accordance with NWRA guiding principles, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Bulletin’s mission is to disseminate the latest and most accurate information to support the science and practice of wildlife rehabilitation. The Bulletin strives to foster analytical thinking and encourages NWRA members and their colleagues to submit methods, research, and information related to wildlife rehabilitation, veterinary medicine, or educational topics pertinent to the field. Whenever possible, the Bulletin publishes differing protocols, techniques, or views on the same subject to allow readers to make informed decisions.

The Bulletin accepts papers about wildlife rearing, captive husbandry, medical issues, treatments, original research and post-release studies, wildlife education to individuals or groups, problem prevention, case studies, reviews of wildlife related publications, and editorials. We occasionally reprint a paper from another publication. The Bulletin does not accept anecdotal stories, unconstructive criticisms, or derogatory items.

NWRA does not officially endorse products, techniques, drugs, opinions, diets, etc., that are presented on these pages. Although every effort is made to ensure accuracy, the reader is responsible for contacting the contributor should problems or questions arise.

NWRA Mission

The National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association is dedicated to improving and promoting the profession of wildlife rehabilitation and its contributions to preserving natural ecosystems.

Guiding Principles

The NWRA is incorporated for the support of the science and profession of wildlife rehabilitation and its practitioners. Wildlife rehabilitation is the treatment and temporary care of injured, diseased, and displaced indigenous wildlife and the subsequent return of healthy animals to appropriate habitats in the wild.

The purposes of the Association are:

  • To foster continued improvement of the profession of wildlife rehabilitation through the development of high standards of ethics and conduct;
  • To encourage networking and to disseminate knowledge;
  • To engender cooperation among public and private agencies and individuals in support of its mission; and,
  • To foster respect for wildlife and natural ecosystems.