Songbird 101


  • LouAnn Partington Ziggy’s Tree Wildlife Rehabilitation Center



Songbird, songbird rehabilitation, protocols, medical management, record keeping, herd health


This paper provides tips on various aspects of organizing a songbird rehabilitation program. Whether one works in a large center with several volunteers or is a home–based rehabilitator, developing procedures, protocols, and policies helps one manage each day more productively and provides continuity of care for each songbird patient. This paper discusses policies to have in place, reference material to have on hand, physical preparation of the songbird rehabilitation area, managing daily care tasks efficiently while working with volunteers, as well as medical management, record keeping, and herd health issues.


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Author Biography

LouAnn Partington, Ziggy’s Tree Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

LouAnn Partington is an IWRC Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator® and a home–based rehabilitator in Tennessee. While specializing in songbirds, she also rehabilitates all other avian species, as well as small mammals and the occasional turtle. She is vice president of Ziggy’s Tree Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and a founding board member and president of the Tennessee Wildlife Educators and Rehabilitators Association.


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