Environmental Enrichment in Wildlife Rehabilitation: Study Results


  • Corina Hines PAWS Wildlife Center




Environmental enrichment, wildlife rehabilitation, raccoon, crow


In 2005, PAWS Wildlife Center received a grant from NWRA to begin a study on the effects of environmental enrichment in wildlife rehabilitation. The first phase of the study was a three–year program in which different enrichment techniques were tested on juvenile raccoons and crows. The process of creating the study, training the volunteers, and results of the study are discussed.


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Author Biography

Corina Hines, PAWS Wildlife Center

Corina Hines has been involved in wildlife rehabilitation since 1997, first as a volunteer and then as a staff member at the PAWS Wildlife Center. She has presented three papers at various NWRA symposia, all of which have been published. In 2003, NWRA awarded a grant to Corrie to conduct a behavioral research project, the results of which comprise this paper.


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Hines, C. (2011). Environmental Enrichment in Wildlife Rehabilitation: Study Results. Wildlife Rehabilitation Bulletin, 29(1), 20–27. https://doi.org/10.53607/wrb.v29.76